Scott has been transcribing music to staff since he was 15 years old, accurately tackling entire soundtracks from video games with no prior instruction in transcription. He has since transcribed 17 songs by the acclaimed progressive-rock powerhouse Umphrey’s McGee and converted them to 8-bit Nintendo-style chiptune music, provided numerous horn charts for live bands and full scores for his own video game cover band, an entire rock opera heading into production, as well as many more 8-bit song conversions for other bands, which at their heart are all transcription-based.

From short melodies to full scores, Scott can transcribe standard musical notation, guitar tablature, drum patterns, transpose parts, and more. Need to create something more tangible out of an idea in your head, make your song sound like a Nintendo, or bring a full concept to fruition for professional musicians to perform? Just want a MIDI file of your song made, for whatever reason? He can help you commit your ideas to staff, and more.

“Scott was easy and fun to work with. Getting to see my own music on paper was a thrill! Prompt, friendly, reliable!”

John Daly

Creator/Songwriter, Spit’n Lyon Musical (VT)

“Co-Equal Branches”
Spit’n Lyon Musical (full score)

“Alien and Sedition Acts”
Spit’n Lyon (vocal lead sheet)

“Government Corrupt”
Joshua West (horn score)

Umphrey’s McNES

This project began in earnest back in 2004 with a first listen to Umphrey’s McGee‘s studio album, Anchor Drops. To Scott, the song “Miss Tinkle’s Overture” did nothing but sound like a perfect Mega Man track, and the rest is history. He couldn’t not make them. The band has also made many of these available as official bonus content over the years. Here is the project as it exists, in its entirety.

8-Bit Remakes

Since the Umphrey’s McNES project, Scott has wanted to branch this style out to different bands he liked. He has done many official and unofficial remakes for bands, including Twiddle, Papadosio, Kung Fu, lespecial, Dopapod, Aqueous, Consider the Source, Elephant Wrecking Ball, and more. Here are some of the tracks he’s done.