Having recorded and mixed his own projects for two decades, as well as having done plenty of work in professional studios with Grammy-nominated producers and engineers all around the country, Scott has logged countless hours of experience with production, mixing, and recording. He has most recently mixed live shows by Blind Owl Band and Lucid, as well as a number of tracks from Mister F‘s FLIVE! live album. He also recorded, mixed, and produced their entire upcoming studio album, Futureless, as well as his own Scott Hannay Plays Video Games debut cover album, both to be released in the near future.

While he has mixed full-length studio albums, one of Scott’s other specialties in this department is breathing life into live recordings. As a musician who has played countless shows that he has also recorded and mixed himself, he knows how to quickly and efficiently make a band sound alive without sacrificing clarity.

“Every client I forward Scott’s name to comes back with positive feedback. His mixing showcases not only his natural ear for musicianship, but an austere understanding of the technical aspects of putting together a sonically well-rounded mix.”

Derick Borst

Live Sound Engineer/Musician (NY)

“Tight Tight”
Live Show, Multitracked

Blind Owl Band
“Electric Chair”
Live Show, Multitracked

Scott Hannay Plays Video Games
“Still More Fighting” (Final Fantasy VII)