Scott is mostly self-taught over the past two decades in this department, and offers competitive rates for logo design, poster design, pin design, or even web design! He’s certainly not gonna build the next MySpace for you, but he did manage to build this very aesthetically pleasing website! Check out the gallery below for many examples of his work.

“Scott was able to create an incredible logo for me, despite my vague explanation of what I wanted. He was able to provide me with a draft within a couple days, and his price was very competitive. I would highly recommend him for any graphics/logo work and plan to use his services again in the future!”

Andrew Chamberlaine

Owner, Adirondack Shipping Center

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8-Bit Pixel Art

Scott originally started making these for people as part of a Kickstarter campaign for a Mister F album, and hasn’t stopped! He can drop you into a video game scene as your own 8-bit character. Slay a dragon, catch yourself hangin’ with Mr. Koopa, or show off your 8-bit family!

“Omg ? ? ? ? ?

Tina Hartmann

Friend, Albany NY